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LilySlim Diet days tickers

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dear Blog; Day 299

Our ward had trunk or treat tonight.  My friend from school brought his wife and daughter.  We just hung out and had a great time and his daughter received a ton of candy.  It was most definitely a good night. We really enjoyed ourselves and their little daughter was so cute.  It was nice ending to a busy long day of class.

We have been getting off a little easier the last week or so since we really only have 1 class on Fridays.  It is ok that it is a 5 hour class, makes it seem like we are getting a break some how.  I don't now how to explain it.

I have to admit I did a great job of staying away from the candy what I really wanted to do was steal all the chocolate from all the little kids walking by.  They would never notice all of the good stuff missing from their bags I mean the get so much of it anyway.  I should make them pay me to get candy from me!  Hey they will get fat, and who needs fat kids I mean really!  ( Ok, I didn't mean that, all kids are cute no matter what)!

Love, Angela

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